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So You Just Started Dancing Bachata. Here's my Advice...

Dear Young Students of Bachata Dance,

Congratulations on your journey in learning bachata, a partner dance that is truly unique. Whether you have just started in 2023 or have been dancing for some time, I admire your dedication and enthusiasm for this beautiful dance form.

It seems like you may have started with the Sensual or Moderna style of bachata, which are both popular and captivating in their own ways. These styles bring their own flair to the dance with body rolls, waves, upper body movements, dips, traveling steps, and elements of salsa patterns. Often referred to as "their own last names" to identify different styles of bachata, these are a great starting point for your dance exploration.

However, I want to highlight the importance of understanding and connecting with the roots of bachata, the original one. Just like an adopted child seeking their true parentage and cultural heritage, being a bachata student becomes a more meaningful and fulfilling experience when you delve into the origins of the dance. When a child is just growing up, you want to introduce to them everything. As years progressed, they learn and develop what they like or prefer; types of sports, poetry, types of music, fitness, etc. They also develop their true personalities. In the same way, a baby student in bachata as they are exposed to different styles, they must be introduced to the roots. Yesm eventually, they will have their own style of preference. Exploring "traditional bachata", the style that is simply known as bachata by most Dominicans is often a required course to experience the whole essence and understanding of the culture and music.

Traditional bachata, or simply Bachata, embodies the essence of the dance, its core movements, and the culture from which it arose. While it has evolved over the years, incorporating new movements and influences, the fundamental structure and essence of bachata should still be respected and acknowledged in any evolved style.

Bachata is more than just dance and music; it is a part of Dominican culture that is celebrated and cherished by its people. When the Western world discovered bachata and began incorporating their own influences, the dance and music went through a transformation. This led to the emergence of dance festivals, new music artists, and innovative changes. Some may view these developments as positive growth, while others may have reservations about the direction in which the dance has evolved.

Ultimately, whether it is the "right evolution" or a "wrong revolution" is subjective and will vary depending on personal opinions. The beauty of dance lies in its diversity and the ability to embrace various styles and expressions. As bachata students, it is important to appreciate and respect the various styles, while also recognizing, embracing and honoring the cultural roots that make bachata what it is. In fact, In my opinion, it should be a required "learning" to learn other styles of bachata due to the fact the most important thing is that bachata's true essence will not be lost even dancing other styles.

So, I encourage you to continue your journey of bachata dance, exploring different styles, learning from various instructors, and immersing yourself in the rich culture behind it. By doing so, you will not only become a more well-rounded dancer but also gain a deeper appreciation for the origins and heritage of this beautiful art form.

Keep dancing and enjoying the rhythms of bachata!

Warm regards,


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