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People Often Compliment my Festivals for Good Vibes

In my opinion, a good vibe at an event is generally created by a combination of factors. Below are some of the key elements that contribute to a positive vibe at any event:

- Respectful and Positive Atmosphere: Having a respectful and positive atmosphere is very important in creating a good vibe at an event. When everyone including the artists and promoters believes and respects each other, it creates an environment that encourages positive interactions and vibes.

- Social Dancing: Social dancing is one of the most important things that creates a good vibe at any dance event. An event where social dancing is not a performance but instead a social activity helps create an inclusive atmosphere that encourages great interactions between dancers.

- Friendship: When most of the artists hired are actually friends with the promoter, it creates a friendly environment. This will generally translate into a more relaxed atmosphere, and attendees are likely to feel more welcome.

- Passion: When the artists and promoters who are involved in an event share the same passion and philosophy, it helps create a harmonious environment that encourages mutual support and appreciation.

- Learning Experience: Attendees at an event leave with unforgettable memories when they have learned something they can apply in their life from the workshops offered. A dance event that emphasizes creating a meaningful learning experience for attendees is likely to receive more support from these participants in the future.

- Music and Sound: The music played at an event is very important as it can set the tone and determine the pace of the event. When the music is played right by the DJs who have a good understanding of the dancers' needs, it will encourage more people to participate.

In conclusion, the combination of the factors highlighted above contributes to a good vibe at an event. It is important to emphasize that the ideal combination of the elements listed above will vary depending on the venue, the event type, and the attendees themselves. Therefore, it is important to pay close attention to the audience and tailor the event accordingly.

And the most important of all - I don't emcee (cuz there are other people better than me). I don't manage the festival (cuz there are other people better than me). I don't do any organization that relates to "organizing" (cuz there are people better than me). In other words, I hire people better than me on specific tasks. And you all know this, I'm not embarassed by it. I publicly confess it.


My Taxi Dancers had been very helpful and intrumental in creating the good vibes as well. I got lots of compliments at sfibf about them.

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