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Behind Every Good Dancer...

In the art of dancing, there is a distinction between learning the fundamentals and training with them. Dancing is all about movement -- no matter how you approach it or how much you understand its concepts, you still need to consistently train and master the very foundation of the dance. This holds true in various fields, such as martial arts, boxing, and playing the piano, where mastering the fundamentals is essential for success.

Let's take the example of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Recently, Jake Paul achieved a knockout win against Nate Diaz. What move caused the knockout? It was a basic left hook punch. While every professional fighter knows how to deliver a hook, those who have properly and consistently trained themselves have mastered the crucial aspects of timing, delivery, feeling, and speed. Likewise, in dancing, your basic techniques are the key to presenting yourself well on the dance floor. Proper execution is of utmost importance because any improper movement can look unappealing from any angle.

Having a mentor or teacher who emphasizes the importance of mastering the fundamentals is absolutely crucial for achieving your goals, regardless of what they may be. They play a significant role by constantly training and monitoring your progress. A dedicated teacher who pushes you to improve and provides constructive feedback is invaluable.

Unfortunately, in today's social media-driven world, there are many teachers who are too lenient with their students. They may teach intermediate movements without ensuring that their students have truly grasped the fundamentals. In fear of losing students, they continue to teach these advanced moves prematurely. This approach can hinder their students' progress in the long run.

Behind every dancer, there is a teacher who believes in them. There is a teacher who notices their dedication and determination. It is the responsibility of a teacher to guide their students and help them develop a strong foundation. By emphasizing the importance of mastering the fundamentals, a teacher instills discipline, technique, and precision in their students' dance training.

In conclusion, the significance of a teacher who emphasizes mastering the fundamentals cannot be overstated in dance training. Just as in any other discipline, the fundamentals provide the building blocks for growth and success. A mentor who understands this importance will guide you through proper training, constantly monitor your progress, and push you towards improvement. With such guidance, you can establish a solid foundation upon which you can build your dancing skills and achieve your goals. So, find a teacher who will be committed to your growth as a dancer and help you become the best version of yourself

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