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Challenging the Notion of Imitating "Authentic Movements" in Dance

In this article, I would like to respectfully express my disagreement with the belief that imitating "the exact authentic movements" is the best way to capture the essence of a particular dance style. While the term "authentic" holds value in terms of signifying originality and tradition, it is important to acknowledge the distinction between street dancers and studio dancers when it comes to executing dance techniques. Dance studios and coaches exist to educate and correct students on the proper execution of dance fundamentals, resulting in smoother, more precise, and safer movements - especially within the context of partner dances such as bachata. By examining bachata dancers on platforms like YouTube and Instagram, one can discern the difference between those who have received proper training and those who have not, as their techniques are noticeably distinct.

The Importance of Dance Studios and Coaches:

Dance studios play a crucial role in facilitating the learning and development of dancers. The presence of qualified coaches allows students to receive guidance and correction in their dance technique. These coaches have implemented proper training methodologies that adhere to the fundamental principles of the dance style, ensuring that their students gain a strong foundation.

Smooth, Precise, and Safe Movements:

One of the advantages of receiving proper training within a dance studio is the ability to execute movements more smoothly, precisely, and safely. Studio dancers who undergo consistent training are equipped with the technical skills necessary to perform dance movements with grace and fluidity. This becomes especially important in partner dances like bachata, where clear lead and follow signals are critical for a seamless and enjoyable dance experience. By honing their technique in a controlled and coached environment, dancers can achieve a higher level of proficiency and ensure safer execution.

Differentiating Trained Dancers:

When observing bachata dancers on various social media platforms, it becomes evident that those who have undergone proper training stand out from the rest. Trained dancers demonstrate a higher level of mastery in their movements, displaying well-executed turns, body isolations, footwork, and styling. Their precision and control indicate an understanding of the dance fundamentals, making their performances more aesthetically pleasing and captivating.


While imitating "authentic movements" may seem appealing, it is important to recognize the value of dance studios and coaches in developing skilled dancers. These individuals play a vital role in educating dancers on proper execution and technique, leading to smoother, more precise, and safe movements. By observing bachata dancers on social media platforms, we can see the marked difference between those who have received proper training and those who haven't. Embracing the guidance and correction provided by dance studios can ultimately lead to a greater mastery of dance, resulting in captivating performances and a true understanding of the essence of a dance style.

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